Investment - Delivery Base Service

Monthly 3-4 Trade in Investment Segment.
80-90% Accuracy as per past Performance (it’s not guaranteed Future Accuracy)
Capital Require 80k-1 lac.
Montly Fess 2999 Rs.
Fess is not Refundable after 7 days


November 01, 2024


Online Mode

Available Slots

14 out of 20


₹ 29,999



Consistent and dependable service for timely stock deliveries



Clear and straightforward processes with no hidden fees



Quick and seamless execution of trades and deliveries

  • Opening Statement: Introduce the concept of Investment – Delivery Base Service in the context of the stock market.
  • Importance: Explain why understanding delivery-based services is crucial for investors.

Benefits of Delivery Base Service

  1. Ownership of Shares: Emphasize the advantage of actually owning the shares rather than just trading them.
  2. Long-term Investment: Discuss how delivery-based service suits long-term investment strategies and wealth creation.
  3. Lower Risk: Explain how it involves lower risk compared to speculative trading and can be less stressful.

Key Considerations

  1. Research and Analysis: The importance of thorough research before making any investment.
  2. Market Trends: Keeping an eye on market trends and news that might affect long-term holdings.
  3. Brokerage Fees: Understanding the fees associated with delivery-based trading.
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